Album Review of Undercurrent by Dick Metcalf

Posted by Michele McLaughlin on March 01, 2015


Happy Sunday! I just received a fantastic review from
Dick Metcalf at Musicians Virtual Assistant.  

He runs a very cool review website and reviews a wide spectrum of awesome music.  You should definitely check it out!!  
"Michele McLaughlin – UNDERCURRENT:  It is on early chill-edged mornings that I’m inclined to listen to beautiful solo piano works, and Michele’s new release fits that mood perfectly!  Her style on pieces like the opener, “11000 Miles“, makes the listening even more memorable!  The gently persuasive melancholy provoked by compositions like “The Space Between” is sure to bring nostalgic memories of siblings and other family members. 

The brightness conveyed through “Starstuff” (inspired from a quote by Carl Sagan) will help you to realize just how connected you are to everything around you.  The high-spirit joy on “Melody In Motion” made it my personal favorite of the thirteen tunes… if you can’t feel the possibilities that are open to all of us as you listen to this wonderful piece – well, we won’t go there!  I give Michele a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially for listeners who know that solo piano can be a true inspiration when in the hands of a master like Ms. McLaughlin.  “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is 4.98.  Get more information about Michele and her work at Michele’s page for this release.  -Rotcod Zzaj"


 I want to shout a huge "Thank you Dick for this wonderful review!!  I am so thrilled you loved the album."  Please take a moment to visit

Dick's website and check out his other reviews of fantastic music.


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