Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: 11,000 Miles

Posted by Michele McLaughlin on March 10, 2015

11,000 Miles is about my US tour with Scott D. Davis in the summer of 2013. We played 30 shows, in 26 states, over a period of two months, and drove 11,000 miles on that giant road trip.  We started in California, drove all the way across the US to South Carolina, then up the East Coast to Boston, and back across the midwest.  It was so much fun.  I started composing this song while on tour and would work on it a little bit on every piano we performed on.  When I completed it, all I could think about was driving around the US giggling and listening to music, meeting the fans, and just having the time of my life.  This song is about our adventures on that tour.  

*Photograph by Scott D. Davis & Michele McLaughlin and Photographer Pashaa To learn about our Summer 2013 Tour, visit our blog


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