Nominated for THREE Indie Music Channel Awards!!!

I have such exciting news.  I've been nominated for three IMC Awards.  The
Indie Music Channel does a lot to help promote and support independent artists and they hold an awards ceremony every year to recognize and honor the best in independent music.  

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Album Review of Undercurrent by Wildy's World

A great big THANK YOU to
Wildy's World for this great review of Undercurrent.  

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Signature Story by Bonnie Burkert

About Michele McLaughlin

Pianist Michele McLaughlin reveals emotions through her fingertips, twinkling across the keys creating sonic landscapes and scenes. “I think the piano is one of the most expressive instruments.” she describes. “It’s got such a wide range of notes, low lows and high highs. You can really dig in and get angry and volatile with it, or you can touch it lightly and make it whisper and sing lightly.”

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Women of Substance features Michele McLaughlin

My song, 11,000 Miles, was featured on the Women of Substance podcast with Bree Noble.  You can listen to Episode #99 HERE.   My song, The Space Between, was featured on Episode #108.  You can listen HERE.   Give them some support as well and subscribe to their podcast via iTunes by clicking HERE.  

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Celebrity Juice Features Michele McLaughlin

I had the absolute pleasure to speak with Indie Lady A of Celebrity Juice and WSF Radio.  We had a great LIVE interview and it was a lot of fun.  You can listen to the whole interview HERE.   Thank you so much Indie Lady A for taking the time to talk to me!!

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Album Review of Undercurrent by Middle Tennessee Music

Another great review came in, this time from
Joshua Smotherman at Middle Tennessee Music (MTM).   Shouting out a huge THANK YOU!!!  

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One World Music "Artist Showcase" featuring Michele McLaughlin

Michele McLaughlin takes you on a journey through the last several years of her life, through music.  She tells the stories behind the songs on her latest six albums since becoming a full time musician.  Enjoy.

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Album Review of Undercurrent by Inside World Music

I want to say THANK YOU to Matthew Forss at Inside World Music for his 5 star review of my album.  

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Concert Weekend with Lisa Downing

Lisa Downing came to town last weekend for a big hang and fun concert weekend.  She had never visited Salt Lake City before, so she flew in on Thursday so we could have time to go sightseeing and have some fun on top of our big concert night.   I picked her up from the airport, we came back to my house to hang out for a while and then we went sightseeing through downtown Salt Lake City.   I took her to Temple Square, to the State Capitol Building, and up and down historic South Temple street.   The next day we enjoyed breakfast in the sunshine on the back deck while the piano was tuned, took a nice canyon drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and Little Cottonwood Canyon, and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset while we ate dinner on the front porch.  A wonderful, relaxing day, just hanging out.  

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Radio Interview with Linda Rez of Minstrel and Muse

I had the absolute pleasure to talk with Linda Rez of Minstrel and Muse on Talk Radio.  You can listen to the complete interview here:

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