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Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: Melody In Motion

Melody In Motion is a fun waltzy song with a dancing melody.   It represents how I feel when I compose music and the excitement I get when a new song starts to develop under my fingertips. When I play and listen to this song, I imagine the music dancing and flowing all around me.   

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Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: On My Own

On My Own is the story of being a single, independent woman. I share my life with family and friends, and I am very content in my own space. But there are times I miss companionship and wish there was someone special to share the little moments with.  Those are the times I feel lonely and this song is about those moments when I feel like I’m on my own.  

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Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: Evolution

Evolution is about my own personal transformation and progression in music over the course of my lifetime. I started composing when I was very young, and I started releasing music for others to enjoy in 2000. Since then, my music has evolved far beyond anything I ever imagined and I am so grateful for this growth, and this musical evolution.  

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Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: Never Give Up

Never Give Up is dedicated to all of the people who write to me to tell me that my music is helping them through difficult and dark times. I receive a lot of emails from people explaining how my music is saving them, or helping them in some way, showing them light at the end of the tunnel. This song is for them.... no matter how dark and difficult times may seem, there is always beauty in life, and always light at the end of the tunnel. Never Give Up.  

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Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: Starstuff

Starstuff is inspired by the Carl Sagan quote "We are all made from starstuff". I love the idea that we all come from the same energy, the same universe, we're all made up of the same chemical compounds... we all one.  That idea fits so perfectly with how I view life and the universe. This song is dedicated to my love of the universe and the connection I feel to it.  

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Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: Undercurrent

Undercurrent is inspired by the Plato quote “Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.” It occurred to me that while there are many aspects of our lives that may seem peaceful and calm and wonderful and beautiful on the surface, we are all battling something, however big or small, underneath.  This song symbolizes the battle we endure.  

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Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: The Space Between

The Space Between is about moving away from my sister. We used to be neighbors, living right next door to each other for the last eight years, and before that we lived together.  We've been in close proximity for the last eighteen years.  When I bought my new house, I only moved 10 miles away from her, and that may not seem like such a big deal, but that space between us became really noticeable after I moved. This song is for my sister.  

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Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: Full Of Love

Full Of Love is a dedication to all the people I cherish in my daily life. The friends I spend time with, the gatherings I have at my house for concerts and all my loyal followers, the moments I spend with my family. I love my friends and family so much and this song is for them.   

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Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: Changing Skies

Changing Skies is about watching the skies change all day long. I live up on a mountainside and have a view of the Salt Lake Valley. The skies are constantly changing and it is fascinating to watch.  The clouds moving across the valley, the colors changing the landscape all day long, the gorgeous sunsets.  I composed this song while I was looking out my window, watching the clouds roll across the valley.   *Photograph by Michele McLaughlin

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Undercurrent - Behind The Songs: Living In Awe

Living In Awe is about moving to my new home, and being so happy and content in my new environment.  When I moved, it was the beginning of spring, and all the flowers and trees were beginning to bloom around my new house.  My house also overlooks the Salt Lake Valley, and the view is inspiring.  Watching everything bloom, being inspired by my view, and just being content and happy in my new surroundings left me feeling in awe most of the time.  This is the first song I composed in my new home, and it's a musical representation of how I feel here.   *Photograph by Michele McLaughlin

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