Album Review of Undercurrent by Middle Tennessee Music

Posted by Michele McLaughlin on April 06, 2015

Another great review came in, this time from
Joshua Smotherman at Middle Tennessee Music (MTM).   Shouting out a huge THANK YOU!!!  

Michele McLaughlin Dives Into The Undercurrent

  Michele McLaughlin is a self-taught solo pianist and composer and WOW did she do great a job at learning from her teachings. Undercurrent is a collection of 13 elegantly crafted instrumental compositions in the style of classical piano. This is the perfect album for playing in the background while you relax, read a book, or simply go about your day. Delivering an engaging, enchanting experience as she tickles the keys, Michele is obviously a master of her craft. Composing her first songs around the age of 8, Michele was too shy to share them with anyone. Thankfully she moved past that.
:) Allow me to quote her bio:

She has released fifteen albums, many of which have received multiple nominations and awards, including winning Album of the Year (Whisperings Solo Piano Radio), Song of the Year (Independent Music Awards) and Top Picks (Mainly Piano and”

McLaughlin is a master of telling stories through sound. Undercurrent belongs in your collection. Read more at


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